Rhetorical Situation


The audience that Audioboom is reaching out to is listeners in general. The website does this by having a wide assortment of talk-shows on Music, Business, Education, News, Comedy, and much more. The variety of content ensures that Audioboom will have an audience that has a large amount of differing tastes.


The purpose of Audioboom is to allow partners and regular users to bring their content to millions of listeners worldwide. This can be done via the website, the mobile application, and Facebook and Twitter. Audioboom also allows monetization of audio clips via the insertion of advertising before and after audio posts, so users are able to make ad revenue off of their posts. For listeners, Audioboom is meant to be informative, and more importantly entertaining. As said above, Audioboom offers a wide variety of content to ensure that there is something for everyone to listen to.


Audioboom is available online and as a free app. Users can download up to 2 hours-worth of audio posts every day for listening when not connected to the internet. Overall, Audioboom is an extremely user-friendly interface to use.


I would classify Audioboom as a radio and podcast sharing website. Instead of focusing on audio that focuses on music, the website focuses on talk-based audio posts to create a talk-radio type of entertainment.

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